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Innovative Construction Materials
Xylent PP Soundproof Pipes


Xylent PP Soundproof pipes with new technology from Germany are used for wastewater system in the building

New generation of wastewater pipe to answer the silent question of the pipe

ท่อน้ำทิ้ง PP เก็บเสียงไซเลนท์

Wastewater system is a system that combine wastewater pipes from every function in the building to treatment or sewage. Choosing the right pipe for its application is an important part of the system

Xylent PP soundproof pipes give a new choice that is better than traditional wastewater pipe. They are suitable for hotels, condominiums, office buildings, high-rise buildings, and factories. PP soundproof pipes help reduce noises from wastewater pipes and have no rust which lead to a longer life expectancy. Xylent PP Soundproof pipes are also easy to install and worthwhile

Advantages of using Xylent PP Soundproof Pipes


Reduce noise in the pipe

with mineral reinforced layers acting as a sound insulator. Certified for soundproof by Franhaufer for 22dB at the flow rate of 4L/s

Non corrosive

long lasting, less maintenance, and save more on wastewater pipe

Easy Installation

Push fit system with bell and spigot. The pipe is also light which save time in installing


Better price than cast iron pipes, and better quality than PVC pipes

Heat resistance

Can withstand the hot water temperature up to
97 degree Celsius

Chemical Resistance

PP Plastic prevents slag in the pipe

Shock Resistance

Can withstand up to 6kN/m2

Good drainage

plastic helps with the drainage due to the smooth inner layer