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Ruataewada Fence


Strong, stretch and strain, rust resistance, long-lasting With AS/NZs standard from Australia and New Zealand

Hinge Joint Fence

Barbed Wire

Y Post


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Why Ruataewada Fence?

o Higher Quality

Ruataewada cares about quality of the product for customers. Not only we use premium Australian grade wire including zinc coating, hot-dipped heavy galvanized, and high tensile strength, the knot on the fence has four knots. This is higher than normal grade fence which allows Ruataewada to be more premium in every way

o Stronger

Ruataewa Fence is manufactured with high tensile strength wire size 2.50 mm. It can withstand force more than 700-900 N/mm2. Ruataewada is wire mesh fence that has characteristic like a spring with a notch horizontally to absorb force and increase flexibility when compare to other wire mesh or regular fence

o Higher Rust Resistance

Ruataewad is manufactured from hot-dipped heavy galvanized and rust resistance coated according to AS/NZs standard from Australia and New Zealand which is 12 times higher than Thai Standard and allows Ruataewada to have life expectancy of 30-40 years

o Worth Every Penny Spent

Ruataewada can be used everywhere and can be installed with every type of post ranging from cement, Y Post, and round steel post. With high tensile, the post only needed to be installed between 4-6 meters depending on the type of the post, usage, and type of soil. That’s why using Ruataewada saves more on installation and worthwhile

o Save More

Ruataewada is cheaper compare to wire mesh, chain link, fixed lock, and hinge joint

o More Variety

With high quality and acceptable throughout, Ruataewada can be find at distributors across Thailand

Installing Ruataewada

There are four easy steps in installing Ruataewada
“Set up, tighten, pull, tie”

These 4 steps allowed Ruataewada to be easily installed similar to traditional barbed wire fence, however, Ruataewada can be installed faster which save more on labor when comparing to the same amount of barbed wire fence