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Innovative Construction Materials
Thai PP-R


Seamless pipes with no leakage. With more than 500 kinds of pipes and fittings, we are able to answer the need in every industry ranging from households, condominiums, factories, and high-rise buildings with full solution from designing to installing making water pipes system an easy task and complete.

Innovation in Sanitary System,
What are the advantages using Thai PP-R?

Thai PP-R was invented to answer questions about cast iron pipes being rusted and PVC pipes cannot withstand hot water and pressure. To ensure Thai PP-R answer those question, Thai PP-R have the following properties:

o It can be assured that when install pipes and fittings from Thai PP-R, there is no leakage since they are welded together.

o Can withstand temperature up to 95 degree Celsius and pressure up to 20 Bar with life expectancy more than 50 years from calculation according to          Long-Term Behavior Table

o Clean and safe as awarded Green Peace by WRAS NSF that Thai PP-R plastic’s is safe, clean compare to other type of plastics. There is no rust, no chemical, no carcinogen, or no bacterial accumulation

o Weigh 8 times less than cast iron. With density at 0.897 g/cm3, Thai PP-R is very easy to install and transport

o Good flow rate due to smooth interior with little resistance

o Being an insulator, Thai PP-R has lower thermal conductivity than cast iron which led to using less insulator than cast iron pipe. Please look for more detail in using insulator

o Good for environment. Not only Thai PP-R use a clean plastic as raw material, it is also safe as in the pyramid of plastic and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is thermo plastic which is recyclable

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