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JAS Siphonic Total Rainwater Management

JAS Siphonic

Not only acting as a drain head, but also new innovative way to fix rainwater system sustainably

JAS Siphonic roof drain is designed to be simple by using applied engineering and mechanics. The Anti-Vortex Plate which is signature of JAS is designed to prevent air from entering the system while siphonic system is inspired by movement and accumulation of sands that move against the wind

3 Directional Flow

There are three directions of flow allowing the drain to reach its maximum capacity and assured that siphonic effect happens quickly at only 2.5 cm.

Reduce Clogging

JAS Siphonic Roof Drain is designed to have an optimal gap to drain with the high velocity of 1-6 m/s and allows self-cleaning in the system

Free Design

JAS Siphonic is designed to drain at full capacity when water enters at high speed which is 10 times faster than traditional gravity system. By draining at the highest capacity, the system can reduce downpipes and drain heads